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Should Foxy Brown Be Released?

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Should Foxy Brown Be Released?

Post by ~Joy~ on January 17th 2008, 10:14 am

Foxy Writes A Letter To The Judge

I ask you to please take into consideration that my health is in jeopardy. Yes, I've made some bad choices and stupid mistakes. But please understand that sitting in a prison with murderers and criminals is not rehabilitating or what I need to deal with my inner issues. Up until now, you've only heard about Foxy Brown the artist. I'd like to show you Inga Marchand the beautiful person that my mom raised me to be. Jail has shaken me to my core, and my time away has impacted me greatly.
Good luck with that Fox.

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Re: Should Foxy Brown Be Released?

Post by RM$~QU~LINDA! on January 17th 2008, 10:29 am

Well, Foxy... If you were Paris, this might work... But you're not, you're from the 'hood so... yeah, good luck with that! scratch

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