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GTA 4!!!! WE LIKEY!!!!

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Do you believe the GTA4 game will be worth the hype?

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GTA 4!!!! WE LIKEY!!!!

Post by DivaBleu on January 18th 2008, 5:19 pm

Here's the latest video of the GTA4 game... the site now has no release date posted... WTF IS THIS GAME COMING OUT??!?!?!?! scratch


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Post by Diva_Bleu on January 28th 2008, 12:25 pm

Cuz I'm still playin GTA Vice City & I LOVE IT!!!

u know what they should make, though??? a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Scarface game!!! That game is AWESOME!!! If they cross that with the graphics and storytelling of GTA and add a few of the God-Game aspects of the Sims (i.e., keep them fed, get sleep, hygiene and... LET THEM HAVE SEX!!! EXPLICIT SEX, and u should be able to use the controllers to guide your gyrations... a la Guitar Hero... and if u fuck it up, chix won't dig u...) NOW THAT'S A CONCEPT!!! they would just have to make it the first X-rated game... but it would sell SOOOOOoooo crazy, who would care???!!!???!!!

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