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How do u tell a homie when they're effin' up???

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Do true friendships ever run their course?

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How do u tell a homie when they're effin' up???

Post by Diva_Bleu on January 28th 2008, 12:03 pm

Yeah, we all fcuk up or fall short eventually, but what if you have a chronic fcuk-up friend??? The one that keeps falling in the same damn hole and would rather bitch about it than change their circumstances? The homegirl who is STILL claiming that all men ain't shit, when she only meets dudes @ the swap meet (or hasn't been able to maintain a healthy relationship since 2nd grade...) The homeboy who complains about being broke, keeps borrowing money he can't pay back, but REFUSES to get off his ass and do more???

They're your friend, for one reason or another, but what if you feel u've outgrown the whining and the passive avoidance of their negative situation. You love them, but essentially, you are ready to move into a bigger & better phase of your life, but they'd rather belittle what you're doing than to support it and find a way to do the same for themselves... You have given advice when asked, you have gotten flack for it... You haven't given advice beccause you didn't want flack for it and got cussed out for not caring enough to get envolved... HOW CAN YOU WIN???

How do you maintain the friendship... or should you??? Question

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Re: How do u tell a homie when they're effin' up???

Post by RM$~QUÉ~LINDA! on February 21st 2008, 2:03 pm

It's hard being a woman. We go through so much and it's hard to hold your emotions in check. I think sometimes, if you have a girlfriend that irks you, you gotta let her go because it's gonna end in the two of you getting even more emotional and tearing each other down. Not everyone is meant to be friends forever!!!

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