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Pimp C died of Syrup overdose

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Pimp C died of Syrup overdose

Post by DivaBleu on February 5th 2008, 1:11 pm

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Influential Southern rapper Pimp C died of an accidental overdose of a combination of drugs he had named in his lyrics -- codeine and promethazine, the county coroner's office ruled Monday.

The drugs are key ingredients in "syrup," a narcotic of choice in Southern rap circles that was most famously celebrated by Three 6 Mafia and Pimp C's group Underground Kingz in the 2000 single "Sippin' on some Syrup."

How painful this is... it's fucked up on so many levels. Please send your condolences and leave your thoughts on the issue here...


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Re: Pimp C died of Syrup overdose

Post by Diva_Bleu on February 5th 2008, 1:45 pm


As much as I wanted to believe it wasn't a drug thing, that was in the back of my mind. In the combination of sizzurp and sleep apnea, you get this tragedy.

Which, on a lighter note, is scary. When you hear your father or uncle or husband snoring, that shit can KILL them. Add in a night of drinking or some other "recreational substance" and they could be gone in a blink...

The fact that he talked a lot about sizzurp is irrelevant only because a lot of people talk a lot of things they have no hand in. The problem is that people are so helpless and down that no matter whether they are a famous actor or musician with tons of notoriety and money, they still can be caught up.

this is horrible. he will be sorely missed.

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