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LMMFAO @ Billy Clint gettin' braulick!!!

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LMMFAO @ Billy Clint gettin' braulick!!!

Post by Diva_Bleu on February 18th 2008, 12:17 pm

Robert Holeman came to Timken High School here today with a message to deliver to Bill Clinton. He did -- and he said the former president wasn't happy about it....

...Holeman said that Clinton responded by saying Obama came after him first. Holeman also described Clinton's reaction to him as "irate."

"I think he even hit me in the face with his hand," he said. "He did give me a little pop. It was okay, because I understand his tenacity for his wife." Clinton did engage Holeman for a few minutes, at times pointing directly at him. It was unclear whether he did make physical contact, however.

Dude probably exaggerated the bitch-slap, but this sounds like Bill gettin' all outta control, AGAIN!!! Seriously, doesn't he realize that when he goes all postal and starts yelling @ people, that hurts his wife's campaign? It hurt her in SC, and it could happen again... He better slow his roll if he wants more head in the Oval office!!!

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